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Take advantage of Trane's 90 years of quality, durability and performance.

For more than 90 years, Trane has been dedicated to creating the most comfortable, enjoyable living space our customers have ever experienced.  We never stop innovating, and we never settle for second best.  The equipment we build is known throughout the industry for its durability, innovation, performance and efficiency.  Congratulations on selecting the best.  We look forward to providing years of cool summers, warm winters, and the most enjoyable air you've ever experienced. 

Call us now at A Ary Co. AC & Heating LLC for a free estimate on a new unit, or to service your current system! 

 Mark Ary ​CEO/ President

Call us now for a free estimate on a new unit, or to service your current system!

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In a Trane split system, everything works together in perfect harmony.

During warm months, the heat pump draws heat from inside the house and transfers it outside through the coils.  During cooler months, the process is reversed.  The heated or cooled air is circulated through the ducts by the air handlers, while the CleanEffects TM air filtration system removes airborne pollutants.  The programmable thermostat controls the entire process, keeping your home set at your desired temperature. 

  • Heat Pump
  • Climatuff R Compressor
  • Spine Fin TM Coil
  • Air Handler
  • Vortica TM Blower
  • All Aluminum Coil
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • CleanEffects TM Air Filtration Systems

Connected Controls

Greater control and peace of mind.

  • Nexia™ ​​Remote Climate Access ​included.
  • ​Touchscreen displays
  • Create up to six daily heating and cooling schedules.

With Trane's innovative controls, you can make it a warmer winter or cooler summer from most we-enabled devices, like your smartphone.  Remote Climate Access is included with the purchase of a connected control.  And that means you can control your home's climate from wherever you may be.

​A new high-efficiency Trane system can introduce you to a new level of comfort, while helping you lower your energy costs.

Why should you should call A Ary Co. AC & Heating LLC ?


 Take comfort in knowing you're working with the best.   

 A Ary Co AC & Heating LLC is not just a dealership. 

We are your Trane Comfort Specialists.

  A Ary Co. AC & Heating LLC has been a Trane Comfort specialist since 2016, placing special emphasis on service, workmanship and dedication to customers satisfaction.  We will take great pride in customizing a system for you that will create the most comfortable

living space you've ever experienced, with air that's clean, healthy, refreshing and conditioned. 

  The Trane systems installed by A Ary Co., AC & Heating LLC represent the leading edge of comfort technology, and years of research in

the heating, cooling and movement of air.  Every component we sell is constructed to exacting standards, using premium materials,

and tested to make sure it lives up to Trane's standards. And to ours.

  Our technicians have professional training that is unrivalled in the industry, and they are backed by Trane support network that shares

our dedication to your complete satisfaction.

  Our ongoing commitment to excellence is shown by the goals we set for ourselves: nothing short of 100% customer satisfaction, and

100% customer referral rate.

  We are Trane Comfort Specialists because we don't settle. 

  We offer customers great value in the systems we sell and the service we provide.

  We are proud of our work, our reputation, and the satisfaction of our customers.

   We look forward to exceeding your expectations.


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XR17 Heat Pump

The XR17 works hard to keep you comfortable, while working smart to keep you energy-efficient.

  • ​​The 2-stage Climatuff R compressor offers incredible efficiency and reliability.
  • ​XR17 heat pumps offer a SEER of up to 17.25, 9.60 HSPF
  • ​Uses our innovative Spine Fin TM coil, a patented design known for incredibly efficient heat transfer even under adverse conditions.
  • ​The durable, powder coated cabinet stays attractive year after year, while protecting the components inside.

​Trane's XR17 heat pumps deliver a winning combination of ENERGY STAR Rqualified efficiency, reliability and comfort.  Sensible, responsible energy use has never felt this good.


​Put your comfort on cruise control.

  • ​​Up to 22.00 SEER for greater energy efficiency and lower carbon footprint.
  • ​Climatuff R ​variable speed compressor automatically adjusts to maintain a constant temperature within 1/2 degree of your settings.
  • ​ComfortLink TM 11 controls communication between components to optimize your comfort and efficiency.
  • ​All-Aluminum Spine Fin TM coil enhances airflow and heat transfer while resisting corrosion and leaks
  • ​Trane TruComfort TMsystems circulate air to keep humidity levels at a minimum.  Longer run times at lower speeds consistently remove more moisture from the air, reducing humidity, allowing you to adjust your system to a more efficient setting.
  • ​Compressor sound insulator reduces sound for Trane's quietest and most precise comfort experience.

​Trane TruComfort TM  Variable Speed systems maintain a consistent temperature with maximum efficiency by automatically making minor, continuous adjustments in output all day long, all night long.  The result is efficient, affordable and reliable comfort, like you never seen before.

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